GREMFLEX® GMB PET is a range of expandable braided sleeves available in conveniently
packaged dispensers.
GREMFLEX® GMB PET has been specially designed to meet the requirements of wholesalers,
distributors, repair shops and electrical work shops.
GREMFLEX® GMB PET is a self-extinguishing, halogen free, Polyester, 0,22 mm monofilament, expandable braided sleeve. (Refer to GREMFLEX® PET data sheet for details).


-50 °C to +150 °C
NF F 16-101 rating: I2F2
PET Ø 0.22 mm monofilament
In according to STL PSA S21 5101 --A / CAT B - Class 150
Expandable Polyester sleeve in a dispenser

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