GREMSHIELD® EMP is a flexible, self-closing, flame retardant, EMI shielding, polyphenylene sulfide monofilaments and tinned copper wires woven sleeve with an overlap. GREMSHIELD® EMP offers a continuous working temperature of -40°C up to +150°C, an outstanding EMI shielding at high frequency, an high abrasion resistance. It keeps its circular profile when bent and allows for quick and easy bundling of wires and cables. GREMSHIELD® EMP is suitable for modular wire harness assemblies, cable bundling and for application where EMI shielding properties are required. It is widely used for electromagnetic shielding protection for railway


-50°C to +150°C
EN 45545
PPS monofilaments and tinned copper wires
Wrap-around EMI shielding sleeve

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