Technical Support

Gremtek’s technical team has an in-depth “applications” knowledge. Expertise in product properties and characteristics is to be expected but Gremtek’s team can provide customers with a wealth of advice regarding material choices, optimum process and best fitting methods.

SolidWorks™ allows to view, modify and design 3D drawings, ensuring that Gremtek’s engineers can work closely with customers right from the outset of a new project. Gremtek offers a complete service from initial design development to prototyping, testing, pre production samples, line testing, to delivery of production parts.

Gremtek’s internal laboratory truly differentiates it from its competition. This defining resource allows Gremtek’s technical team to perform tests that allow for accurate recommendations of product type and dimensions. The laboratory houses test equipment able to perform:

  • Impact tests
  • Thermal tests (ambient and radiation)
  • Abrasion and scratching tests
  • Ageing tests
  • Fluid resistance tests